White Marble Elephant Pair


Place this pair of White Marble Elephant in the North sector of your working desk for Career Luck or the Northeast sector for Education Luck. You can also place it at facing outwards of your main gate for protection.

Longest Average Dimensions (L×W×H) (cm):  10.0 x 5.0 x 8.5

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Our vibrant and harmonious White Marble Elephant Pair is made from fine white marble. They have fat bodies to depict prosperity. They will bring you descendent luck, good governance for executives and protection for their owners.

Elephants with trunks down bring infant luck to those who are wishing for babies in their live. Buddha’s mother dreamt about a white elephant and got pregnant after that. Therefore, the elephant is a lucky omen in Buddhism. Elephant also take away troubles and is a protective symbol, especially with trunks up. Elephant is a sacred animal in Thailand and India, and is used to represent loyalty, wisdom, longevity and elegance. They are symbols of good luck and excellent fortune. Deities and kings are often depicted riding on elephants in India and Thailand.

In Buddhism, Buddha is said to have been a white elephant reincarnated as a human.

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Weight 1.004 kg