8Treasures was founded in 2004 by our principal Feng Shui consultant, Ms Janet Yung. Initially, 8Treasures was operated by Janet from push-carts at shopping malls and later she extended her services to include personal and business Feng Shui and bazi consultations. Now, 8Treasures not only specialises in the retail of Feng Shui items. 8Treasures also

  • specialise in the retail of Feng Shui Jewellery and Auspicious Wear,
  • provide Feng Shui and Bazi consultancy services,
  • provide bespoke Business Solutions such as partnership compatibility, logo, business card, office stationery and website design,
  • provide Career Coaching and Counseling based on Bazi, and
  • provide Feng Shui courses.  



WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE WEALTH, SUCCESS, CAREER, RECOGNITION, LOVE & HARMONY? These are some of the Aspirations or “Treasures” under the 8 Aspirations theory formula in Feng Shui. 

8Treasures is about finding ways to reach the 8 Aspirations or “Treasures” in life using Feng Shui. 8Treasures is also about utilizing Kua numbers under the Mansions school to harness your best (auspicious) directions or “Treasures”. In the current Feng Shui Period 8 (years 2004 – 2024), there are many “Treasures” and 8Treasures is about looking for them and guiding YOU towards them!

8Treasures welcome YOU to join us on this journey of exploring these “Treasures” and harnessing their powers for our road to Happiness, Wealth and Success!