What is Period 8In time dimension Feng Shui, there are a total of 9 periods. Each period lasts 20 years and it takes a total of 180 years to complete a cycle of the 9 periods. In every 20 years, there is a major energy change in the Universe due to the planetary movements between the Sun and the stars. As a result, when a period transits from one to another, it also brings about major changes in Feng Shui.

Period 8 starts from February 5th, 2004 and will last for 20 years to February 4th, 2024. No feng shui analysis of any home or office can be completed without taking time into account. 

For the past 20 years during Period 7, the number 7 was very lucky. It was a Period when women, especially young women enjoyed great good fortune and it was also a period where we saw the proliferation of information technology and importance of wealth creation.

As we transited into Period 8, a different set of influences came into play.  The period 8 belongs to the Ken Trigam in Bagua, which is represented by Northeast (representing the mountain), young men and the Earth element. Hence in Period 8, young men will dominate and there will be an increase in outstanding performances or contributions by the younger generation. In addition, health and relationship will be the focus of this period rather than money and wealth creation in Period 7.

Most importantly, because we have entered the Period 8, houses and buildings that were built in Period 7 (between 4th Feb 1984 to 4th Feb 2004) will lose its chi energy and strength. For this reason, it is worthwhile considering changing to a Period 8 house (one that is built after 4th Feb 2004). In addition, houses that had plenty of good luck during the last 20 years with the Number 7 in their house natal chart, will experience a downturn in luck. This is so because number 7 (under flying star formula) is the Red Star, represented by violence, accidents, robbery, theft and metal-related accidents will revert to its original nature when it transits from Period 7 to Period 8. It is thus critical to study the Period 7 flying star natal chart that rules your home to determine your best options for harnessing the chi of Period 8 in order to protecting yourselves against the afflicted energy created with the change in period.

As the representative element of period 8 is Earth, the most auspicious colors representing Earth will be Light Brown, Beige, Cream, especially Yellow. Objects representative of Earth include ceramics, clay, crystals, stones (all earth-related items) and etc. An example will be Citrine and it can be worn on our body as an auspicious jewellery in the form of bracelets or necklaces. Besides Citrine, the Mystic Knot is also a frequently recommended symbol to be worn on one’s body or displayed in homes for tapping into the good luck of Period 8. Click here to find out why.