8AspirationsPakua8 Aspirations is one of the critical charts that is widely used by practitioners for the analysis of Property (house or office) using Feng Shui.

The 8 Aspirations comprises of eight main sectors as identified by a compass – North, South, Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, East and West.

Each of these sectors has a representative element and a specific type of Luck which has the potential to affect a particular member of the household, as shown in the table below:

Sectors                         (Compass Direction) Representative Element Type of Luck present in this area Family Member who is affected
North Water Career Middle Son
South Fire Fame & Recognition Middle Daughter
Northwest Metal Helpful friends Male head of family
Southwest Earth Love & Marriage Female head of family
Northeast Earth Education Last Son
Southeast Wood Wealth First Daughter
East sector Wood Health First Son
West sector Metal Descendent Luck Last Daughter

By utilizing the 8 Aspirations chart, you can identify sectors of your home for the placement of Feng Shui items to activate the specific types of luck. However, one should always take into consideration that there are also other Feng Shui Principles that should be incorporated while looking at your House Feng Shui, such as the Flying Stars that are present in each sector or the 8 Mansions chart.

Hence, it is advisable for one to have an in-depth knowledge of Feng Shui while making house or property Feng Shui arrangements. Else, it is highly advisable to contact a professional Feng Shui Consultant / practitioner to identify the best position for the placement of items in order to activate specific types of Luck.

Based on each of the 8 Aspirations’ representative elements, each of the directional sectors also has colours associated with them. Below is a table suggesting the types of colour that are suitable for each sectors (as well as the centre) of your property and the colours to be avoided:

Type of Colours Sectors (Compass Direction)

Suitable for colour 

Sectors (Compass Direction)

To avoid colour 

“Fire colours”: Red, Orange, Fuschia South, Centre, Southwest, Northeast North, East, Southeast
“Metal Colours”: Metallic colours (like Silver, Gold), Grey & White North, West, Northwest East, Southeast, Southwest, Northeast
“Earth colours”: Light Brown, Beige, Cream, Yellow Centre, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest North, South
“Water colours”: Blue, Navy, Black North, East, Southeast South, West, Northwest,
“Wood colours”: Green East, South, Southeast, North, Centre, Northeast, Southwest

Usually, Beige and White are the most commonly used colours for painting of the house. Beige is an ‘Earth colour’ and it is the colour for stability and nourishment. According to the first table shown above, the element Earth occupies the Southwest and Northeast sector which governs the Luck for Love, Marriage and Education. As such, it is a recommended colour preferred by the majority. On the other hand, White is a ‘Metal colour’ and it governs the Luck for Helpful friends and Descendant luck. It is also said to be a colour representative of all 7 colours (when white light passes through a prism, it is refracted out into 7 colours) and hence, it is the colour with the most Yang energy.

Two colours that are not recommended in Feng Shui to be used for painting of the house are Red and Blue. Red is represented by the Fire element and Blue is represented by the Water element, and as seen from the first table, both elements only govern a single sector of Luck (Fame & Recognition, and Career respectively).

Red is a strong colour and even though it represents passion and vitality, painting the whole house red may cause stress, restlessness and incite arguments between family members. Imagine living in fiery flames! Tension and unhappiness is bound to occur. On the contrary even though Blue is said to be the colour of tranquillity, painting your whole house Blue from top to bottom can represent being submerged in water, symbolising your life being drowned! Therefore, always use these two colours sparingly and with caution.

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