Dates for Business Registration and CommencementDoing the Right Things at the Right Time is crucial for SUCCESS from the perspective of Feng Shui and Bazi.  As part of our business solution, we offer date selection services for the following:

  • Business Registration and Commencement

Included free of charge when you engage us for the Feng Shui audit of your office

  • Important Meetings or Contract Signing

We will be utilizing both date selection and Qi Men Dun Jia strategic execution formulas to maximize success.

  • Utilizing Qi Men Dun Jia for Business Success

Qi Men Dun Jia ( 奇门遁甲) is an ancient form of divination from China, which is still in use in China, Taiwan, Singapore and the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia. Qi Men Dun Jia may be applied to business, crime-solving, marriages and matchmaking, medical divination, Feng Shui, military affairs, finding missing people, travel, personal fortune divination etc.

The revival of Qi Men Dun Jia has recently become a popular system of Feng Shui practiced in Asia after China began releasing the old texts.  Qi Men Dun Jia has its origins in the Warring States Period of China’s dynasties.  It stretches as far back as 3000 years ago. It was a war strategy used by the military strategists of emperors and warlords to defeat the enemy.  “Its use during Chinese military history was so prolific that it was treated as a state secret until the end of the Qing Dynasty.”  A historic classic, Sun Tzu’s Art of War is based on the fundamentals of Qi Men Dun Jia.

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In modern day applications, Qi Men Dun Jia methods can be utilized to put you in an optimum position; be in the right place at the right time in order to achieve the results you want in any competitive environment.  The following are four ways that Qi Men Dun Jia metaphysical system can be utilized:

In Forecasting, Qi Men uses various predictive methods to forecast a wide range of different situations or activities. As a forecasting tool, QMDJ can assist in creating exceptional results in career, financial decisions, relationships, health, career pursuits, exams or launching important new projects, products or business ventures.  It can be used to up one’s position in any negotiation.

In Strategic Execution, Qi Men charts can be utilized to find or ascertain the ‘golden moment’ – that is, a specific hour in a day combined with a specific direction and a specific action for carrying out important activities.

In Feng Shui, practitioners can utilize this tool to remotely assess a property and forecast the fortunes and outcomes of the residents in a property.

In Destiny Reading, the practitioner is able to glimpse into additional layers or dimensions of an individual, identifying the individual’s life purpose, relationship, wealth, wellness perception, etc by analysing the Doors, Stars and Deities found in a person’s chart.  By understanding yourself and putting yourself in the right place, at the right moment to absorb beneficial Qi, QMDJ can help you capitalize on opportunities and thus place you in a more advantageous position over the events that unfold in your life.  It can assist you in developing strategies to pursue your objectives. In addition, Qi Men Dun Jia allows you to tap into universal energy and aid you in achieving your goals.  Thus, QMDJ can up your position in the playing field enhancing your potential for success and especially in your pursuit towards happiness and well-being.

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