Utilizing Feng Shui to arrange your work desk to boost your Career

CleoCareerArticleJan09 001Before you touch a scrap of paper on your desk, you need to find out your good directions to utilize Feng Shui to activate for Career luck.  Click here to register and get your success and development directions or identify your kua number here.

Once you’ve got it, stand in front of your desk and use a magnetic compass to establish the eight directions in Feng Shui. These represent the Eight Aspirations:

  • Career (North),
  • Education (Northeast),
  • Health (East),
  • Wealth (Southeast),
  • Recognition (South),
  • Relationship (Southwest),
  • Descendant (West), and
  • Mentor Luck (Northwest).

Next, divide your desk into the sectors represented by the Eight Aspirations under the Eight Mansions formula in Feng Shui as we’ve done for the desk below:

work desk

Your Good and Bad Directions:

Kua #

Good Feng Shui Directions

(Best to good)

Bad Feng Shui Directions

(Bad to worst)


SE, E, S, N W, NE, NW, SW
2 NE, W, NW, SW

E, SE, S, N


S, N, SE, E SW, NW, NE, W


N, S, E, SE


5 (Male) NE, W, NW, SW

E, SE, S, N

5 (Female)

SW, NW, W, NE S, N, E, SE
6 W, NE, SW, NW

SE, E, N, S


NW, SW, NE, W S, N, E, SE
8 SW, NW, W, NE


9 E, SE, N ,S


  1. Say your kua number is 1. That means your best direction under the Eight Mansions Personal Feng Shui formula which represents your Success direction is the Southeast. Since most of us work on the computer, the computer and your seat should face towards the Southeast.
  1. Since Southeast is the wealth sector, aim for a pay raise by placing a plant here. As the sector element is wood, it’ll be even better if the plant is grown in water to keep the wealth flourishing. But cactus and bonsai are definite no-nos. The cactus has sharp ends like a dagger, sending out bad energy and preventing good luck while a bonsai denotes stunted growth.
  1. If you’re in sales, the Southeast is also a good spot for your invoices. Ideally, such documents should be kept in black, blue or green files for greater activation of the sector. Those working in marketing can also put their products here to enhance its performance.
  1. Place certificates and letters of praise from bosses or colleagues in your South as this is the Recognition sector. Red, pink, brown and green are key activating colours. Can’t stand a Shrek green or bloody red background? Even teeny Post-its count!
  1. As the Feng Shui element at work in the South is fire, placing a lamp here would illuminate your recognition to others. That means your luck will shine brighter, too.
  1. The Southwest is the relationship sector under this Feng Shui formula. For a happy working environment, pin up photos with your colleagues here. Those in account servicing could also do the same with their clients.
  1. Keeping your contacts and name cards handy in the Southwest corner is also a good way to smoothen relationships with your business contacts.

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  1. A crystal globe in the Northeast activates the Education sector as a way of enriching yourself. It’s particularly good for those whose jobs involve writing, such as publishing, teaching, secreterial, admin work as well as media communications.
  1. The North is the career sector and nothing activates your career luck like a bronzed dragon tortoise. It keeps your career on a sure and steady path. Ensure your dragon tortoise faces out to attract positive energy.
  1. The crystal Ruyi is a sceptre of power. Those in supervisory or leadership position should place this in their Northwest sector to energize their Feng Shui Mentor Luck. This will enhance your leadership skills and the way you lead others to success.
  1. Make sure your chair is higher or at the same level as your back to support your career.
  1. Always ensure that there’s a wall behind your seat. If it’s not possible in your cubicle, a closed shelf or cabinet would also work well as support.

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Career Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui Consultant - Cleo interview

Feng Shui Consultant – Cleo interview

  • Clutter is a big no-no

Clutter stagnates chi and that’ll affect your performance at work. It is also advisable to clear out clutter regularly so it keeps your mind focused on the right issues.

  • Sit with your back against the wall

A wall symbolises support for your work. Place a Dragon Tortoise (it symbolises someone watching your back) behind you to ensure a long and successful career.

  • Energise your wealth corner

The Southeast corner of your desk is your wealth sector. Placing a lush money plant in that corner will stimulate your luck in money matters.

  • Get rid of office politics

Cubicles are often arranged such that they form a “centipede”. This could give rise to office politics and backstabbing. Put a stop to such bad career influences by displaying a rooster figurine on your desk so it can “peck away” at the centipede. Make sure it faces away from you.

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