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Personal Feng Shui Success Direction!

Achieve success in your best directions.

Feng Shui Tips for Selecting Your House or Office

Choose the place to work/sleep wisely.

Activating Wealth Luck

Feng Shui for Wealth

Enhance your Wealth with Fengshui.

Feng Shui for Career

Give your career a head start with Fengshui.

Feng Shui for Love and Harmony

The recipe to everlasting love and harmony.

Feng Shui to Activate for Health Luck

Protect your Health with Feng Shui!

Feng Shui to Activate Career & Business Luck

Build your Career and Business with Feng Shui.


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Feng Shui that makes a difference! Check out the symbols for enhancing the various aspects or “Treasures” of your life.

Being Happy and Successful Series


Let the power of personality assessment based on the study of Bazi Metaphysical Science help you understand your approach to work and identify your talents and motivations to become passionate and successful in what you do.

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  • Bazi Profile – Can Your Positive Characteristics become Your Weakness?
    Bazi Profile Have you heard of the phrase, “too much of a good thing maybe bad?” Do you agree with this saying?  Under the concept of Yin and Yang in Chinese metaphysical or traditional Chinese medicine studies, when there’s too much sunlight, too much heat will be generated and we will need to balance with […]
  • Perception vs Reality – Which Bazi Profile Will Lead You to Personal Success and Happiness?
    “You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want.” Do you agree with the above statement? There is the perception of who we are and there’s the reality of who we really are.  In a previous article “Why Don’t They Understand Me?“, […]
  • Why Don’t They Understand Me?
    “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” ― C.G. Jung Do you feel that you are often misunderstood on how you would react to a situation?  Are you given opportunities that doesn’t resonate with you but others feel that you will be good at doing?  This is a common […]

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