Using Feng Shui to energize for career and business luck

  • To improve your career or business luck, always sit facing your success or development directions according to the 8Mansions Formula . Never face any of your bad directions, especially your very worst direction. While you apply this formula, do take into account the inauspicious directions for each year.
  • Make sure that you do not confront the Grand Duke Jupiter or have the Three Killings direction behind you. Carry a reliable, accurate compass with you at times so that you can check your directions discreetly.
  • You must travel from your auspicious directions for good business luck. For success and money luck, travel from your personal success or “sheng chi” (生气) ; Life Generating direction.
  • While you tap into your auspicious directions, you must remember never to sit with your back to the door as this leaves you vulnerable to backstabbing. Always sit with a solid wall behind you to provide strong support. Hang a picture of a mountain behind you to symbolize solid support for your business.  Alternatively, hang a string of Nine Emperor Coins behind you at work to provide solid financial support for your business.
  • Display the Ruyi in Northwest of your living room or office. The Ru Yi, also known as the sceptre of office, represents the power of the high Government official. If your employees and subordinates are defiant or tough to manage, displaying the Ruyi on your work desk puts you in a position of command.
  • Energize the Northwest sector of your office to boost patriarch luck, or your personal success or sheng chi sector in the living room or dining area to boost your income luck. Display a pair of golden chopsticks next to a golden bowl.  Put gold ingots and coins into the bowl, before filling it up with natural crystals and faux diamonds.
  • Watch out for poison arrows and killing breath from large or sharp objects around you. Never sit or sleep under exposed overhead beams, which suppress your good luck. Do not sit with open shelves behind you as they form large blades hitting at you. Systematically dismantle all the poison arrows around you to avoid any unnecessary shar chi that will destroy your good fortune.
  • Sign all your important documents using your prosperity signature to energize for success luck in all your endeavours. Begin your signature with a firm upward stroke and end it with another upward stroke, to imbue it with the energies of prosperity and success.

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