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Listed below are 10 Tips to improve Love and Harmony at home utilizing Feng Shui:

Feng Shui:風水, can be utilized to improve love, harmony and peace at home and with our loved ones.  This is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive “chi”, 气 (Energy).  

Tip 1:
Under the 8Mansions formula, in the Later Heaven Kua arrangement, the Southwest sector is represented by the Kun trigramKun . The Kun trigram represents the matriarch energy which usually denotes caring, love, nurturing and relationships. Thus, under this formula, this sector within the home must be intact. It should not be missing and should not be in the kitchen, toilets or storeroom. Else, the luck of the mother or lady of the home would be affected adversely. In addition, as this sector governs relationship and if it is afflicted, the luck for finding a love one or relationship between a couple, with family or with others, these relationships will be affected as well. Please refer to the Image 1 shown above for reference.

Element Cycle. Click image to enlarge.Tip 2:
As the Southwest sector is the Earth element, it is good to have the element of Fire to further activate this sector because Fire produces Earth – please refer to Image 2 shown on the left. That is, using Lighting, Colours (Red, Pink or Orange) and activity in this area of the home or bedroom (provided it is not in the kitchen, toilet or storeroom). Earth-related materials such as Crystals, porcelain, etc. can be used as well except in 2017.

Tip 3:
Display the double happiness symbol, mandarin ducks or any loving couple/double images together with wedding or couple pictures in the Southwest of the bedroom. By displaying these images, especially in the couple’s bedroom, the energies will remind us of the happy times and that we must treasure our relationships. This ensures long lasting love between husband and wife.

Tip 4:
Do not hang paintings of flowers in the bedroom. Although flowers, and peonies in particular, are symbolic of passion and a great love life, peonies in the bedroom cause problems between married couples. In the living room, it helps the girls of the household find love, but in the bedroom, it brings love trouble such as being in a love triangle. So, remove all paintings and flowers from a bedroom shared between couple. This will include dried or withered flowers as well, as the energy transmitted from these items will promote the ending (or death?) of a relationship.

Tip 5:
Avoid mirrors in the bedroom. This will make the marriage “crowded”, introducing a third party who can cause one side of the partnership to stray. It is worse if these mirrors are made up of multiple pieces that split up our images. If you need to have a mirror, have it within the cabinet or at the least, not reflecting the marital bed. Television sets and computers are also not advisable in the bedroom, since it will promote “TV Time” rather than “Couple Time” in the bedroom.

Tip 6:
Married couples should never sleep on two separate mattresses placed on a double-bed frame, as this creates the bad “chi” 气 (Energy) of separation that is sure to lead to an eventual spilt-up, or even divorce! It doesn’t matter if a double bedspread, mattress protector or a thick quilt is used to disguise the fact that there are two mattresses instead of one, as the hidden split creates serious rifts and profound unhappiness between the couple. It might not be apparent at first, but differences between the couple will develop in time, and minor irritations will be magnified and seem intolerable.

Tip 7:
Never have a water feature on the right hand side of your front door (from inside looking out the front door). This will include a swimming pool, water slides or any big water bodies on the right side of the main entrance (from inside looking out). Doing so will cause the husband to have a “roving eye”, and can lead to misunderstandings in the marriage.

Tip 8:
Under the Xuan Kong Flying Star formula, the #4 star is the love or romance star. It is thus good to spend time in the appropriate sector for the year, unless it is in the kitchen, toilet or storeroom. For the year 2015, it is the Northwest (NW) sector (similar to 8Mansions formula) and in 2016, the West (W) sector. Thus, by spending time in the W in 2016 and NE in 2017, you will get loving energies. If your bedroom is not in the W (2016) or NE (2017), do not fret, you can activate by having couple pictures, an air purifier or oil burner placed in the W (2016) or NE (2017) of your bedroom. 

Click on the link below to find out more about the Flying Stars:

2017 Flying Stars 

Tip 9:
In 2017, one of the best areas to spend time in for both good relationship and prosperity is in the E sector, unless this is the kitchen, toilet or storeroom. This is where the wealth and relationship energies will be for the year. By spending time here, both you and your family will enjoy good relationships, health and prosperity. You can further activate this by creating more activity, such as, having an air purifier, fan blowing in this sector or have more crystals to activate this metal sector.  However, do not renovate, cut, drill or knock in this sector in 2017.

Tip 10:
Under the same Flying Star formula, there are argumentative and quarrelsome energies that one need to avoid or control for peace, harmony and good relationship, both at home and at work. This argumentative #3 energy is of the Wood element and is in the West (W) sector in 2017.  It is thus important not to spend too much time in the W sector of your home in 2017, else you or family members who spend time there will become easily irritable and in a worst case scenario, fights and back stabbing will occur. If it is your bedroom, living or main door, ensure that you have more Red (Fire exhaust Wood) in this area to control the argumentative energies. Else, you can hang the everlasting or Mystic Knot to smoothen or calm energies at home or at work.

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