Mystic KnotsA Mystic Knot is made up of a combination of 6 times the infinity symbol ∞. This wonderful knot symbolises a long and happy life enriched with endless good fortune, uninterrupted by illness and setbacks. Apart from being used to encourage prosperity and longevity, it is also widely used as a symbol for everlasting love, as well as protection.

Besides that, if you look at a mystic knot closely, you will realise that it also consists of a series of the number “8”. Since we have now entered Period 8 in Time Dimension Feng Shui (from Feb 5th 2004 and will last for 20 years to Feb 4th 2024), everything, be it phone numbers, passwords, identification numbers and business numbers containing a series of ‘8’s, have now become even more auspicious than before! This will be in effect for a period of 20 years, until the year 2024. Therefore, the Mystic Knot is a MUST HAVE for these 20 years!

The mystic knot carved out of jade, agate, rose quartz crystal and other earth materials are the most influential symbol in Period 8.Those wearing or displaying this powerful mystic knot symbol will have the influence of the number 8 tripled, thus enjoying the extra good fortune.

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“I’m a dragon and my temper tends to fly.  After wearing the mystic knot, it has helped to keep my fiery temper in check and I get along better with others now.

On another occasion, earlier this year, on a road trip to Terengganu, my boyfriend’s car was nearly out of gas midway up the mountainous route. There were 3 mystic knots that were in the car then (I was wearing one, my friend was wearing one and there’s another one hanging in the car). I kept rubbing my mystic knot praying for some kind of miracle and we did finally found a run-down kiosk to fill up the tank. Thank Goodness! “

Michelle from Bishan, Singapore.

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