Off-site Feng Shui ConsultationOff-site Feng Shui consultations are done when clients are not located in Singapore or when the preference is not to have the Feng Shui Consultant on-site.

Feng Shui analysis for the house – the house facing direction to be determined by client. Good (auspicious) & bad (inauspicious) directions & sectors for occupants will be identified using 8 Mansions & 8 Aspirations formulas.  

Not included in this consultation: Flying Star analysis & Bazi analysis of occupants.

HDB Apartments (Singapore only)

  • HDB flat (Single Storey) – S$350 or US$275        FSCHDBAp1-off
  • HDB Flat (Double Storey) – S$475 or US$370       FSCHDBAp2-off

For Pte Apartments & Landed Properties (Singapore & Overseas)

  • Private Apartment (Single Storey) – S$768 or US$615       FSCPteAp1-off
  • Private Apartment (Double Storey)- S$908 or US$726      FSCPteAp2-off
  • Terrace House – S$1180 or US$938                                               FSCTerrace-off
  • Semi Detached House – S$2308 or US$1846                           FSCSemiD-off
  • Bungalow – S$2798 or US$2238                                                      FSCBung-off

For off-site Office consultation, please click here.

Consultation includes Good & Bad Directions and Sectors for Client’s office based on 8
Mansions and 8 Aspirations formulas.  

  • Office Cubicle or Room (1 pax)– S$288 or US$230                                                       FSCOff1-off
  • Biz Premises (less than 2000 sqft)– S$1398 or US$1118                                            FSCOff2-off
  • Biz Premises ( Between 2000 to 3000 sqft)– S$1678 or US$1342                           FSCOff3-off
  • Business Premises ( Between 3000 to 5000 sqft)– S$2098 or US$1678                FSCOff4-off

Order Process:

  • Indicate type of consultation required and email to  or call 82897959 ( available from 9am – 5pm). Alternatively, you can contact us here
  • 8Treasures will email invoice to your email address for payment with credit card.
  • Client to fax copy of floor plan with compass directions indicated.
  • A comprehensive written report will be provided within a week of payment.
  • Email or Telephone-Singapore only (Q&A) with Client.