Activating these sectors under the Flying Star Feng Shui formula will bring occupants good luck and prosperity this year. The East and North activated with a water feature (especially effective since these are sectors which benefit from the water element, unless this is a bedroom or on the right side of your main door), lots of activities, 8 Wealth Trees with Birds, Purple Wealth Tree, Liuli Glazed Crystal Prosperity Fishes, number 8 Crystal or Crystal Cluster. It is thus great to spend time in these sectors in 2017 (unless it is the kitchen, toilet or storeroom) to enjoy prosperity, good fortune and relationship with others.

Energizing for Wealth utilizing Feng Shui symbols and placement of items

• To attract lots of wealth and prosperity luck, attach two bells to the doorknob of the front door facing outside. Then, on the inside, attach three or six Chinese coins knotted with red cord. You can also tape three Chinese coins knotted with red cord to the underside of your doormat. This will bring excellent fortune into your home.

• Get a couple of Wealth Ships laden with jewels and ingots. Position them so that they are sailing inwards from your personal Sheng Chi direction. These represent many different sources of income entering your home. Never display empty ships; they must be filled with lots of gold and jewels. Make sure that they are sailing in, not out. Alternatively, a bronze or gold arrowana can be placed swimming inwards either in one, or groups of five or nine.

• The Feng Shui of the house can be further improved by displaying good fortune symbols. This includes Eight Auspicious Treasures- 八宝 (Pah Bao), Eight Immortals – 八仙 (Pah Xien), Three Star Deities – 福禄寿 (Fu Lu Shou), Laughing Buddha 笑佛 (Xiao Fuo), Kwan Kung  关公, Chai Shen Yeh 财 神爷, etc. All these images can be in the form of pictures or figurines. The best place for all these would be the living/dining room. Do not put them in the bedroom or kitchen or toilet.

• The Dragon Tortoise is also another symbol of good fortune. It brings about 8 types of luck, especially for wealth. Also used is the Dragon Horse –  麒麟 (chi lin), which brings about fame, wealth and success to the office.

• Another symbol for wealth and success is the Tribute Horse. The horse should not be rearing but in a calm, non-threatening posture and being led in by someone of high regard. And also on its back, there should be jewels or gems to symbolize that it is bringing in great wealth. The powerful symbolism of the tribute horse is that of victory luck as well as nobility, class and perseverance. This is especially auspicious in the year of the horse.

• Get some three-legged toads with a coin in the mouth and place them in your living/dining room. Place them low, on the floor, under a table. You can have as many as you like but nine is best. Also, put a Pi Xiu/Pi Yao under the table in your living room to absorb bad luck.

• Display a large bowl or basket filled with fruit on the dining table. This signifies plenty to eat. If you prefer, use a painting of good fortune fruit. You can also hang a wall mirror here to double the food on your table.

• Also, check if the oven is facing an auspicious direction, according to the father’s kua number. Position your rice cooker so that the incoming energy enters it from one of your good direction at the point where the wire is plugged into the appliance, preferably his Sheng Chi direction (for wealth & success).

• The location of the oven is also very important for the luck of the Patriarch. The oven should not be located in the northwest sector of the house or even the kitchen. This is a very serious Feng Shui taboo (known in Chinese as the ‘Fire at Heaven’s Gate’) as it burns away the father’s good luck.

If you own a rice urn, make sure it is always full and bury a red packet with real money at the bottom of the urn. Make sure the urn is closed and protected from animals and make sure this rice urn is never empty. This is a symbolic act of providing fortunes for the family. And again be sure that energy enters your rice cooker from one of your auspicious directions.

• The Southeast governs Wealth Luck under the Eight Mansions Feng Shui formula, and is of the Wood element. To activate the growth energy of the Wood elements, place green plants with large succulent leaves here. Display gemtrees with gold coins tied to their branches to signify the growth of money luck. You can also use active water features to excellent effect in the Southeast sector; unless it is on the right hand side of the main entrance, whereby you should avoid water for it causes the man of the house to have roving eyes.

• Create a personal wealth vase and keep it hidden in your room. Remember to include precious objects of pictures of things that represent what you wish for. After you fill it up with all kinds of treasures, secure your wealth vase tightly and lock it away so that no one else has access to it.

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