General Feng Shui Tips when looking for a new home or when seated in your office:

Tips for Selecting Your House or Office1. A bright hall effect –
The main door should open to an open view where nothing blocks the flow of Sheng Chi into the home. This can be created by having a garden or a space in front (both inside and outside the house).


Similarly, when seated in your office, the view should not be blocked especially with a wall or tall partition as it can block our thought flow.

2. Land behind is higher – is to signify the presence of solid support for the home and its occupants. In the office, this would mean having a wall or partition behind you and not seated with the door, window or walkway behind your back.

3. Land in front is lower – to signify no obstacles to success in your life. There should not be a tall building, mountain, big tree or pointed structure in front of your main door as it signifies obstacles and hurdles. Ensure that main entrance door is never lower than the street or road outside your house. In the office, it is important not to sit with a tall column or structure pointing at you, else block this view with a plant or paste a garden picture on the wall or partition in front of you.

4. When looking for a house or apartment, it is good to have the facing of the house or apartment as one of the good directions of the key family members, especially the father or mother. It is important to ensure that the facing direction of the house or the front door is not the worst or total loss direction of the key family members, especially for the father or mother.

5. Other important sectors for the home that should not be missing, in the kitchen, toilets, service balcony or storerooms are: Northwest (represent Father/ Mentor Luck) and Southwest (represent Mother/ Relationship Luck).

6. When working or sleeping, one should always face one’s success/ wealth or at least one of your good directions. It is important to ensure that your facing or sleeping head pointing direction is not your worst or total loss direction.  

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