Personal Feng Shui – Work and Sleeping Directions


Face Your Success Direction!

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Head Sleeping Direction

  1. Should be one of your good directions, should never be your worst /  total loss direction.
  2. Should be against a wall.
  3. Should not be under a beam or a column (sharp corner) pointing to your bed
  4. Should not share a wall with a toilet

Work Facing Direction

  1. Should be facing one of your good directions, should never be your worst/ total loss direction.
  2. Should not face Tai Sui position for the year. 2015 – SW1 (202.5 to 217.5  degree), 2016 – SW3 (232.5 to 247.5 degree), 2017 – W2 (262.6 to 277.5 degree).
  3. Should not sit with 3 killings to your back. Do not sit facing N in 2016 and W in 2017. When facing West in 2017, you will sit with East behind you which will have 3 Killings. The 3 Killings causes 3 kinds of loss, the loss of one’s good reputation, the loss of a loved one and the loss of wealth.
  4. Should not sit facing a wall – else use a picture of garden in front.
  5. Should not sit with a door behind you – no job security. Should not sit under a beam or lower ceiling.
  6. Should not sit with a column or sharp corner pointing at you, else you will need to have something in between to block.

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